an independent, award winning chief marketing technologist specializing in the management and implementation of marketing, technology, and operations.


Hi! It's nice to meet you, welcome to my online portfolio. I appreciate that you might be considering me for a full-time role within your company, or for your next project as a freelance consultant. 

Here is a little more information about me so that you can determine if I might be a good fit for your company. 

the fun stuff...

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taurus, the bull

entj, the commander

adobe indesign & spyfu

BizHub C224




one of my favorite projects...

Mac Real Estate Investor Booklet

This booklet was used to introduce investors to the Mac Real Estate Firm Investments Division. This was a solo-project and I was responsible for crafting the design, copy, as well as the printing. All images within this book of the Chicagoland area were photographed by myself as well.

Q & A

At some point, I have been asked all of these questions prior to being asked for an interview. My time is valuable, and as a busy company that needs to make a hire- so is yours. 

I hope this area answers the questions you may have in order to determine if you should ask me to interview. If you don’t see a question you have here, please feel free to email me directly using the online contact form. I usually respond back within a few hours. 

Currently, I am on the hunt for my forever home, but in the meantime... I have to pay bills! My freelancing work has afforded me with opportunities to keep a fresh edge on my broad skill set as well as provided me with exposure to a wide array of industries, techniques, and software. 

It is my intent to end any freelancing contracts once I have taken on a full-time position to focus on my new role. 

I'm not looking for the typical boss… or to be another cog in the wheel. I'm looking for a partner in success. Someone who will contribute to my growth and allow me to contribute to the growth of the brand.

Greater autonomy over my work is paramount, I don't want to "rent" my skill set to someone who just needs me to "do the work". I want to work with a  brand that will trust in my twenty plus years of skill and who will also invest in further developing my skill set.

I'm not interested in being micromanaged, or left to my own devices. I want to work with people who are engaged and present. The best situation for me would be to work with an employer who cares equally about the big picture while investing in the finer details.

Need a little more insight into who I am? CLICK HERE to download my Predictive Index, based on the Meyers Briggs personality type test.

I am seeking out my forever home, and would like to take some time with my search. If your position demands immediate placement, please still reach out, as I am considering all options. 

I prefer to work remotely, however I'm not opposed to a hybrid situation, or in-house full-time position either . I'm up for a discussion, let me know what your needs are! 

No worries! While my preference is to collaborate on work with in a teaming environment, I have had many roles where I was the entire marketing company. As long as I'm still able to achieve my goals of work/life balance, I can work in either set-up. 

Yes, the largest team I've managed was comprised of 50+ creatives, analysts, as well as content creators and web developers. 

I love consulting work, and I would love to hear more about the opportunity or project you have. Drop a quick note and I'll get in-touch with you as soon as I am able. 

No. Not only is this a conflict of interest, but I would also be creating myself competition. If you have a freelance opportunity that is within the current industry I am working in, I would have to decline. 

I have a booking system built into my website, with my entire calendar of availability. Just hit the "schedule interview" button.

I would really prefer to have a conversation to determine the scope of the role prior to just throwing out a number. My skills are very broad and there are plenty of areas I can work within, which of course also determines what I would require as my asking price. 

As a general guide, I am currently within the 85K to 175K range depending on the scope of role as well as the ability to work remotely. I am fully open to discussing salary/benefits.

I do not need benefits, and would like some vacation time as well as PTO.

** If the remote is 100% remote, I would also be open to discuss alternate salary options.** 

Marketing is always and ever evolving, it's very important when you work in marketing to not only be a student of the marketing industry, but also to be a student of the industry you are working within. 

Hiring overqualified candidates can help you achieve much higher productivity, grow, and achieve opportunities that you may not even be thinking about pursuing right now.

This being said, I truly believe it is impossible to be "over-qualified". 

I would say my ability to adapt. There are not only many changes going on within the marketing community at this time, but in business as well. 

I'm not hung up or set in my ways, just as marketing and technology I am very fluid. I believe you never stop learning or growing. 

I do not agree! Part of being a "unicorn marketer" is that you are always seeking out new opportunities to achieve growth and reduce costs. With my additional experience in technology and operations, I'm certain I can find ways to utilize my skillset and be an asset to the company I work for. 

I love to drive. In fact, some of my best marketing ideas where conceived in my commutes to and from the office. 

Additionally, I believe getting to work on time when you are supposed to be ready to get to work is part of being an adult. 

I would say that while I am very proficient in most areas, I work and strive everyday to grow my copywriting skills. I keep getting better and better. 

While I cannot single out one thing, as many of the projects I work on require my full arsenal of skill to execute, I would have to say that I truly enjoy brand building, developing websites, and designing engaging visual ads. 

Lately, I've been working hard on building out and deploying digital campaigns - everything from the landing page to the google adwords campaigns and then piping the leads through an automated CRM. 

I enjoy spending time with my loved one as well as my many animals. Lately, I've been going out of my comfort zone as far as my movie genre, and have been concentrating on 90's action movies. Other than that, I'm a total foodie and love using my new Instant Pot to create amazing meals! 

When I'm hiring, I heavily rely on personal profiles, such as the Meyers Briggs. 

When it comes to assessment tests and long questionnaires, I have an entirely different view point. 

If an employer does not see enough value in my online portfolio, application, or my resume (which includes my contact information) and decides to “automate” one of the most important areas of researching job candidates, then that indicates to me that we most likely do not share in the same core values, nor would we be a match for an employment relationship. 

I'm a real person, with real value, and real skills. Let's have a conversation. 

Although I have failed many times in the last 25+ years, I'm not here to talk about failure. Those failures were valuable lessons that I continue to grow from. 

I am frequently asked this question in interviews so I thought I would answer it here. Yes, I have been developing websites, and apps since 1999. This is one of my favorite things to do, and I have a great deal of experience in every aspect of creating a beautiful, fast, Google compliant websites whether the site is crafted to generate leads or provide information to clients. 

Why do you want to control me? If you let me loose into the great wide open, I WILL make the brand more profitable. I WILL get more leads. I WILL focus on retention and engagement. 

Tell me your plans, and I will execute them. Then we can discuss the results and our next plan of action. 

Hubspot, Salesforce, Netsuite, and more. I have direct experience with many of the most popular softwares and systems. I can even set up and manage Microsoft tenants. My career started in technology and eventually transitioned into marketing. I feel as a candidate, this makes me a stronger choice as I have deep understanding of how technology drives marketing. 

Yes, it is possible that I might be bored. Sometimes, I get bored while grocery shopping too. 

Then again, we are both professionals, and I'm under no illusions about the nature of the job. It isn't a question of getting bored but striving to fulfill my duties. The role has targets to meet, customers to satisfy, and bottom lines to reach. Given those factors, I don't think getting bored will be frequent or usual. 

Jack of Trades, Master of Nothing, eh?

My career started in technology. Through that same opportunity, I was able to parlay my technical skills into marketing skills. From there, I also learned operations and the guts and bones of things. I feel this is my competitive edge, I have a deep understanding of marketing concepts, principles, techniques, the technical acumen to achieve them and the operational background to manage them.

Both! While I prefer to work on MAC when I am designing beautiful graphics, or building modern web applications, as well as editing photo and video...

I still love my PC for building out complex excel sheets to determine ROI, mapping and visualizing data, amongst other tasks. 

digital resume & download

I have provided this information to give potential employers additional insight to my background, work experience, skill set, and education. 

If you need an actual copy of my resume, as I know many job boards format resumes to fit their mold please us the button below to download my resume. 


You've been here a while... are you interested in working with me?

At this time, I am fully exploring both full-time and freelance opportunities. I am actively pursuing roles, and hope to find my new position soon.