what is a
marketing unicorn?

Creativity, Adaptability and Collaboration are all among the top five most sought-after skills for businesses worldwide this year. In fact, Creativity has been number one for the last three years. Analytics, meanwhile, is linked to two of the most in-demand technical skills for 2020: Analytical Reasoning (the ability to think strategically on the basis of data) and Business Analytics (the ability to use data-driven analysis to decode what your organisation’s goals should be).

Unicorn marketers don’t just have in-demand skills, though. They are also hybrid marketers, able to apply these skills to a range of different B2B marketing channels and tactics. They are able to build coherent strategies for how they use content marketing, social media and mobile to further their goals. They know the technical details of search engine optimisation (SEO), link-building and campaign analytics.

hard skills


Negotiating and interpreting a large pile of data to discern audience preferences and behavior as well as evaluate campaign performance and ROI.

content strategy

The definition of goals with content, as well as using search engine optimization, link building, and best practices in amplification to get as much exposure for content as possible.

social media

Compiling social data to help make business decisions on how to prioritize time and money spent on social channels based on audience behavior and engagement.


Comprehending the connection between mobile and social media usage to determine how to optimize a mobile marketing campaign.


Understanding customers through online marketing campaigns in social and mobile to see what new channels can be undertaken to boost the company's e-commerce efforts.

soft skills


Bringing new ideas and concepts to the table for solving existing problems through either images or words.


Utilizing all the tools at their disposal to seek the ripest sources of data to come up with the best analysis possible.


Changing plans and accommodating situations when new obstacles and challenges come about with a show of fortitude and an ability to endure hardship.


Working with other teams and specialists to help marketing efforts succeed, as well as provide data and insights that assists them in turn.


Directing and inspiring a team towards achieving a common goal through experience, insight, and collaborative effort.

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