Take Your PPC to the Moon!


Research your target audience and keywords.

negative keywords

Using negative keywords is important to target to the right consumers.

ad copy

Writing killer ad copy will separate your brand from the competition and improve your ad score.


Having a clear call-to-action will increase your click-through-rate and sales.

landing page

Creating an effective landing page that reflects your ad copy is vital to caputuring leads.


Geo-targeting your audience will help you micro-focus on the consumers you are trying to attract.

quality score

Evaluating your quality score will help reduce ad spend while amping up ad engagement.

budget optimize

Optimizing your budget will help you streamline your ad campaigns.

experience creating ads and running maximum performing PPC ads since 1996

One of my greatest strengths I have as a  PPC expert is the ability to perform competitive research. I understand how to find good copy, study the competition, and I form ads based on a proven method I’ve been using to manage high-performing PPC campaigns for almost twenty-five years.


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