digital & traditional marketing

Traditional marketing refers to any type of marketing that isn’t online. This means print, broadcast, direct mail, phone, and outdoor advertising like billboards. From newspapers to radio, this method of marketing helps reach targeted audiences.

Digital marketing is the marketing and advertising of a business, person, product, or service using online channels, electronic devices, and digital technologies. A few examples of digital marketing include social media, email, pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

I am well versed in both mediums, and have been marketing for twenty-seven years. 

traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is not dead! Traditional marketing plays an important role in reaching local audiences and interacting with customers on a personal level. Today's consumers rely on relationships more than ever. They will choose businesses that they feel have a genuine interest in their well-being and lives.

Direct Mail

Direct mail has proven its value time and time again. Statistics and science prove it often yields greater results than digital because of its tangibility. Direct mail also offers major benefits, such as greater response rates, trust building, personalization, versatility, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and more.

Print Media

Marketing through a brochure is effective in many ways such as when it comes to networking - they can be handed out after talking to potential clients or customers - they are cheap to distribute and you can specifically target your ideal market.

Newspaper & Magazines

Getting an ad placed in a newspaper means you are speaking to an audience who will be attentive to your message because they trust the information in that particular newspaper.

Broadcast Radio

Advertising through broadcast radio is a great way to market a product, because it provides a highly targeted audience. Fans of certain stations have specific preferences and interests that a good agency can determine through market research and analysis

Public Relations

Public relations is a valuable tool in the promotional mix. Unlike paid marketing programs such as advertising your business, public relations is focused on earned media and can take advantage of unpaid communication channels. Public relations is about managing perceptions – how people think about your business.


Like newspapers, radio, and television in previous decades, billboards are a wildly effective way to reach thousands of people at once. However, most people think that billboards have gone out of style. Because they're so direct, they're often criticized for being invasive, but there's no denying their effectiveness.


For innovations and product launches to be noticed by markets and media trade fairs are the best stage. This is where decision-makers meet in person, creating a long-term basis for trust. Trade fair participants get an overview of what the industry has to offer and can thus observe the competition.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements account for 30% of the way referrals are convinced you're an expert or authority in your niche. The key to a successful speaking gig is to deliver educational, differentiated content that showcases your expertise in your audience's pains and desired gains.

T.V. Advertisements

People tend to trust TV commercials more than other types of ads. This makes them highly effective and most likely to captivate audiences. As a result of the reach and overall impact of TV commercials, they tend to bring more money in than they cost to launch.


Awards promote loyalty and trust while providing a competitive edge. According to Best Business Awards, award-winning small businesses can see a 63% increase in income and a 39% growth in sales. Large companies also benefit, seeing a 48% increase in income and a 37% growth in sale

Promotional Offers

The most important purpose that a promotion serves is that it sets a business apart from its competitors. No business will ever need to run any promotions if there wasn't any competition. You have to stay ahead of your competitors in order for customers to keep doing business with you.

Network Marketing

The four most important pillars on which to build a solid foundation for your marketing plan are: 1) Vision and Brading, 2) Identifying customer pain points, 3) Generating Demand, and finally, 4) Building Meaningful Relationships with your customers.

digital marketing

Digital marketing comprises all marketing efforts that use the internet. These include digital channels such as search engines, email, websites, social media, etc., that can be used to connect with current and prospective customers. Unlike traditional methods, digital marketing helps you reach a larger audience and target prospects who are most likely to buy your products and services. Additionally, it is more cost-effective than traditional marketing. Plus, it enables you to measure success and make marketing changes as you see fit.

SEO, Keywords & Rankings

SEO can reduce the cost of customer acquisition by 87.41% on average compared to digital advertising because of its low-cost barriers, SEO makes getting new customers significantly less expensive than other mediums.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been proven to have a much higher return on investment than the majority of marketing strategies. One major reason for this is because your target audience will hear of your product or service from affiliates that are within their spheres of influence.

Email & Newsletter

Email marketing has the highest ROI (return on investment) of all forms of marketing, averaging about $36 in return for every $1 spent. Research shows us that email is still the best channel to reach people on, ahead of other channels, even with the increase in popularity of social media and other messaging platforms.

Reputation Marketing

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more. 49% of consumers need at least a four-star rating before they choose to use a business.

Community Marketing

According to a recent report, community marketing tactics generate an average of 6,469% ROI. Building a community around your brand is one of the best ways to give customers value at every stage of their journey, design better products, and increase overall customer lifetime value.

Search Engine Marketing

90% of searchers know exactly what they're looking for, which is a good sign when you want them to take action (purchase, download, sign up, etc.). Also, since paid search ads are extremely targeted, they are considered much less intrusive than other ad types.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Reach your customers quickly and with precision with a data-driven PPC campaign. I am AdWords certified, so you can rest easy knowing your campaign is in the hands of a professional. I create targeted ad copies, optimize your bidding strategies and device targeting tactics and monitor your ROI for each keyword. I also take advantage of seasonal trends to promote your products and drive high-volume leads and traffic.

Content Marketing

Content marketing produces 3X more leads per dollar spent. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing. 61% of US online consumers made a purchase after reading recommendations from a blog. Content marketing methods convert 6X more often than other marketing methods.

Social Media

On average, 28% of people who use the internet found new products after viewing social media ads. Social media advertising plays a big role in consumer behavior. According to a report from GWI, 49% of internet users say they are likely to purchase from brands they see advertised on social media.

Gameification Marketing

It has been proven through an independent study from Gamify that consumers are 7 times more likely to value and use their game reward over being generically offered a reward at the end of a video.

Website Optimization

Optimizing for search engines is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the internet. 70% of marketers see SEO as more effective than PPC. It's not just a way to get traffic. People prefer and trust organic search results more than advertisements.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile ads are 30 times more effective than Internet ads. Due to the one-on-one personal nature of mobile devices, mobile ads are more effective in terms of product awareness and sales. The unrivaled amount of relevant information about a subscriber makes a mobile device the ultimate targeting tool.


Retargeting can lift ad engagement rates up to 400%. The click-through rate (CTR) is 180.6% higher for retargeted users on the display network. A retargeting campaign, on average, performs nearly 10 times better than a regular display ad campaign.

Organic Search

An organic search strategy promotes a business's visibility for targeted keywords. If pursued aggressively, organic search traffic can help outrank competitors on search engines without having to invest in paid or digital marketing strategies.

Local SEO

Google alone processes an impressive 8 billion searches every day, but more importantly, nearly 50% of all Google searches are made by people looking for local products and services. If you don't have a local SEO strategy for your business, you'll miss out on valuable online traffic.

Online Advertisements

You can reach very specific audiences Online advertising allows you to find, reach, and engage people who are likely to be interested in your business without spending money on an overly broad audience. Online advertising offers granular audience information, so you can focus your efforts effectively.

Location Targeting

Location-based marketing is an extremely effective tool for getting the word out about your business. It's had the most success in boosting in-store traffic and increasing brand awareness. It's also a relatively cost-effective form of advertising compared with other advertising methods.

Case Studies

Case studies are extremely effective in the consideration stage of the buyer's journey when they are actively comparing solutions and providers to solve a problem they're experiencing. For this reason, case studies in an independent PDF format can be helpful in both marketing and sales.

Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce marketing is the practice of driving top-of-funnel traffic to convert into sales and new customers — and there are many ways to go about it. That includes the entire customer journey, from simply making people aware of the brand all the way to earning their trust and making the sale.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer-Generated Content Performs Better Compared to Branded Posts. 61% of consumers trust influencer recommendations, compared to 38% who trust brand-produced content. 60% of marketers shared that influencer-generated content performs better and drives more engagement compared to branded posts.