Content Marketing is Marketing

my content strategy

Step 1

Set SMART Goals

The first part of any successful content marketing strategy is to set SMART goals. I make these specific to my business — they’ll complement my broader marketing and brand goals.

Step 2

Determine KPIs

Determining the KPIs (quantifiable data points) is one of the most important steps to use to measure determine my actual performance against my goal.

Step 3

Decide on the Content Type

What does your audience need from my brand? What challenges are they looking to overcome? Why do they need the products and/or services I market?

Step 4

Select Content Channels

Once I've decided on the type of content I'll market with, I then move on to deciding on the specific content channels.

Step 5

Setting a Budget

Do I need to purchase any software or technology to create the content? Do I need to pay for ad space? I'll also take note of how my responses impact your budget.

Step 6

Create & Distribute Content

In this step, I move onto creating the content it, and pushing it out through various content management platforms. I always connect tracking analytics, use a landing page if I can, and tie it all together with a CRM that has an automation component.

Step 7

Analyze and Measure Results

Lastly, I analyze and measure my results so that I can make any necessary changes to enhance my content marketing efforts and reach more audience members. I look at my SMART goals and KPIs to determine the success of my content marketing strategy.


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