Confidential Company - VP of Marketing

Location: Remote Dates: January 2022 – Current

Skills Utilized for this Role

Web Design

Web Development


Email Marketing

Paid Search

SEO Optimization


Data Management

App Development

Directory Marketing

Web Design

Web Development


Email Marketing


Paid Search

App Development

Data Management

Directory Marketing

SEO Optimization

Position Summary

As VP of Marketing for the world’s third-largest crypto ATM company, I lead successful marketing efforts to boost revenue growth, raise brand recognition, and enhance customer interaction through strategic marketing, digital advertising, and other campaigns. I oversee all marketing in-house as well as perform many of these initiatives myself, including PPC, SEO, graphic design, and web development. In addition to marketing, I manage our 7-agent customer service team, reducing fraud, improving customer support, and promoting consumer education, resulting in higher retention rates. Last year, I increased revenue from $230 million in 2021 to $344 million in 2022 by implementing cost-saving measures, boosting productivity, and deploying a technology-driven marketing strategy.

As the head of marketing and advertising, I oversee the planning and execution of all marketing initiatives. My role is crucial to the company’s growth and includes responsibilities such as shaping creative direction, developing business strategies, and increasing revenue through effective marketing. This includes market research, pricing, product marketing, marketing communications, advertising, technology, design & development, and PR. In some cases, I also provide sales support and training, identify new growth opportunities, manage distribution channels, handle financial management, perform data science, manage graphic design, and oversee customer service.

My day-to-day tasks can be broken down into 6 key areas: managerial, financial, analytical, digital marketing, market research, and customer service.


Leading marketing initiatives to attract prospects and convert leads, experimenting with innovative methods to tap current demand.

Providing guidance to improve marketing activities’ efficiency (content creation, optimization, advertising, etc.).

Designing and executing strategies to reach target audiences through various channels.

Collaborating with cross-functional teams to share ideas, gather input, and report outcomes.

Facilitating the creation of impactful strategies to shape consumer behavior and boost profits.

Working closely with departments to accurately promote product features through advertising.

Designing social media marketing campaigns to generate consumer interest in company products/services.

Improving customer performance by providing technical support and advice.

Establishing production, quality, and customer service standards.

Enforcing company policies and procedures.

Staying updated on technical advancements through workshops, publications, and professional organizations.

Managing successful marketing campaigns from ideation to execution.

Building strong relationships with key partners, agencies, and vendors.

Developing and executing online and offline strategies to drive traffic to digital channels, including gamification, digital marketing, brand alliances, and on-ground activations.

Identifying and optimizing growth channels to increase revenue.

Staying current on emerging technologies/trends and incorporating them into operations.

Training and advising employees on standard operating procedures and marketing plans.

Working with sales, development, and customer success teams.

Presenting annual marketing plan and strategy.

Organizing and attending marketing conferences and educational programs on behalf of the company.

Innovating market development approaches by analyzing data and consulting internal and external sources.

Managing marketing department operations by scheduling and assigning tasks, monitoring progress, and providing feedback.

Recruiting, training, and leading marketing and customer service teams.

Providing growth opportunities through information and education.


Oversees the development and management of marketing budgets to align with organizational goals.

Spearheads the customer acquisition efforts through PPC, SEO, and Directory Listings Management and ensures budget efficiency.

Forecasts and allocates funds to meet customer service financial targets while minimizing expenses.

Monitors the marketing budget on a quarterly and annual basis and takes corrective actions to maintain financial objectives.

Optimizes ROI by allocating funds strategically and efficiently.


Conducting market research to gain a deeper understanding of the market and customer preferences.

Using insights from research to develop strategies that target potential customers and encourage them to engage with and purchase Bitcoin of America’s products or services.

Enhancing customer service quality by conducting surveys, evaluating processes, and setting and communicating service metrics while monitoring and analyzing performance.

Assessing customer service procedures and identifying opportunities for improvement through audits and trending analysis.

Monitoring the success of marketing campaigns and reporting their performance against company goals.

Providing management with data analytics that align with company revenue objectives and tracking key performance indicators and return on investment for marketing spend.

Digital Marketing:

Plan and execute marketing campaigns through email, direct mail, and SMS utilizing incentives such as coupons, giveaways, and contests to raise awareness and interest in Bitcoin of America’s products or services.

Enhance the company’s online presence by utilizing paid platforms and SEM techniques, using keywords and phrases to increase the company’s visibility on search engine results pages and drive website traffic and lead generation.

Conduct research and determine the most effective keywords to improve Bitcoin of America’s ranking on search results pages, distinguish the company from competitors, and increase website traffic and qualified lead generation.

Test and optimize various organic and paid acquisition channels to determine their impact on the overall marketing strategy.

Work with a diverse range of acquisition channels, including content creation, content curation, PPC campaigns, event management, publicity, social media, lead generation campaigns, copywriting, and performance analysis.

Create compelling content for the website and blog that attracts and converts the target audience.

Generate leads for the sales team and the trade desk.

Manage and maintain Bitcoin of America’s social media channels and design, develop, and deploy content to them.

Contribute to the marketing strategy by leveraging social media to identify and acquire customers, and developing social media marketing plans and programs for each product.

Increase market share by directing promotional support and maintaining online relationships with customers through customer-relation programs.

Maintain a research database by collecting and organizing marketing information, identify the target audience, and grow email lists.

Influence public perception and contribute to press releases and other important messaging through public relations efforts.

Tech/Web Development: 

Maintaining and upgrading Bitcoin of America’s online presence across three corporate websites and blog through designing and implementing user-friendly interfaces, incorporating efficient code, and integrating data from various sources.

Ensuring adherence to best software development practices while creating website layouts with HTML/CSS standards.

Managing and enhancing the sales and customer relationship management systems (CRM) to improve overall performance.

Updating and maintaining the company’s internal intranet to support effective communication and collaboration within the organization.

Graphic Design: 

Design and create visually appealing marketing materials for both print and digital media, such as web graphics and printed materials.

Enhance email templates with graphics, personalization, and advanced features for a more engaging user experience.

Visualize marketing concepts by sketching rough layouts for art and copy, taking into consideration arrangement, size, font style and size, and aesthetic elements.

Collaborate with internal teams, including marketing, during the design conceptualization phase to final completion of projects.

Gain approval for design concepts by presenting rough layouts for review.

Produce final layouts by arranging finished copy and art.

Acquire final copy and art through operating typesetting and printing equipment, or by procuring from outside vendors as needed.

Ensure quality and consistency of marketing materials, including website banners, hard copy brochures, and case studies, by reviewing and approving them.