Position(s) Held:

VP of Marketing, Creative, & Sales




Saas, Medical & Dental


June 2017 - Current

Reasons for Leaving:

Seeking work/life balance.

Role Summary

My primary objective within this entrepreneurial, Medical & Dental Saas startup was to move quickly, think strategically, and drive execution. I am responsible for strategizing plans to meet revenue objectives, and coalesce these strategies into tactical plans, setting goals for team members and holding people accountable to achieve the agreed objectives.

I construct and lead the operational functions designed to take the brand through the next phase of rapid growth, including strengthening the brand and thought leadership position, product marketing, media relations, as well as guided lead generation and marketing operations.

I work closely with stakeholders across the company to develop creative and data-driven marketing strategies and thought leadership programs. 

Skills Used

Thought Leadership


Marketing Strategy

Brand Creative

Vision Building

Content Management


Paid Ads


Investor Funding

Marketing Operations

Customer Experience

Vendor Management


Team Building



Public Relations


Analytical Data


Assembled a team of customer-focused PMs, owned Product Design, and created an environment of high-quality, data-driven experimentation, leading to regular positive product improvements.

Created and executed sales pipeline strategy as well as customer expansion programs to deliver on new bookings, partner, and customer growth targets.

Devised account-based marketing programs that drove buyer engagement within target enterprise accounts through a multi-touch, multi-channel approach that aligned with stages of the buyer journey and fostered alignment with the sales team.

Armed our sales teams with enablement tools that promote sales productivity and effectiveness.

Championed the effective use of technology and automation which enabled and supported growth initiatives.

Developed an internal communications plan to create energy, continuity, and awareness across all  employees.

Developed revenue marketing strategies across multiple segments and sectors.

Consistently met or exceeded marketing and revenue goals as a leader which drove company profitability. 

Role Functions

  • Led marketing strategy and execution
  • Strengthened the brand and lead major thought leadership initiatives.
  • Built out lead generation strategy as well as a marketing operations engine in conjunction with the commercial team that provided predictable pipeline movement and revenue growth
  • Developed differentiated marketing campaigns and project managed stakeholders to execute from end-to-end; continuously monitored campaign effectiveness to improve and optimize ROI.
  • Identified new channels, technologies, partnerships, and opportunities for brand awareness and lead generation
  • Managed day-to-day marketing campaign operations and performance reporting across all channels, collaborating closely with revenue-generating teams to ensure close alignment.
  • Directed content strategy and oversaw the editorial calendar, social media, and communications schedules
  • Partnered with the Sales team to develop marketing strategies to engage enterprise prospects at each stage of the funnel; executing end-to-end marketing plans to completion, including measurement.
  • Worked with Client Success and Product to uncover data and insights on strategic accounts, identifying key opportunities and decision-makers for engagement


I am currently open to exploring roles that are Full-Time, Freelance and/or ongoing Consultant Positions...