Position(s) Held:

Marketing Director


Chicago Investments & Real Estate, Inc.


Real Estate | Finance


March 2008 - June 2011

Reasons for Leaving:

Opportunity to scale my career.

Role Summary

As a key member of the Management Team, the position I held was responsible for development and implementing a marketing and communications strategy for a highend $57 Million Dollar multi-faceted Real Estate firm encompassing seven separate divisions: Parent Company, Investments, Estate Homes, Brokerage, Commercial, Development/Construction, Landscape, and both SFR and Multi-Unit Rental Homes.

Skills Used

Radio Advertising



Event Based Marketing

Commercial Advertising

Website Management


Partnership Marketting

Real Estate


Team Building

Sales Goals

Inventory Based Marketing

Pipeline Strategy

Community Building

Analytical Data

Email Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Mobile Marketing


Developed overall marketing program and achieved profit margin and sales objectives totaling $98 million annually.

Grew customer base over 80% and increased revenue 92% by creating & implementing 27 campaigns.

Led team of 25 marketing associates and creatives to increase external clients by 78% in 2010.

Managed social media strategies across channels.

Led the highest performing campaign in 2009 with a 35% open rate effectively resolving credit program’s loss.

Increased lead generation by 250% in 2008, through branding, web design and online campaigns.

Grew sales by over 70%.

Achieved 50% over quota on sales and partnership marketing.


Role Functions

  • Assisted in developing the company & division’s strategic plans, which addresses critical issues in the marketing and communications area.
  • In consultation with the CEO, senior management team, and departmental staff, I developed and implemented an annual marketing plan for the entire company as well as separate divisions. The plan sets objectives, plans, and specific activities to be pursued in each area of responsibility. This plan is developed in the context of the organization’s strategic and operating plans and is directed at supporting the objectives established in those plans.
  • Made decisions relative to the selection, promotion, utilization, retention and compensation of marketing and communications staff.
  • Prepared presentations are made to the board on marketing and communications strategies and activities.
  • Ensured that all employees are stimulated, motivated and guided to contribute fully to the realization of our mission, vision, goals and objectives.
  • Developed a marketing strategy that effectively markets the organization as well as providing the public education in terms of issues to maximize the organization’s fundraising efforts.
  • Managed the production of all company events ensuring all appropriate sponsorships are achieved and all details are managed in a creative, timely and cost efficient manner.
  • Developed and implemented communications and media strategies that successfully deliver information and key messages to the public.
  • Developed and maintained all print and electronic media.
  • Ensured the organization is understood by the media and the media are interested in presenting information to the public in a manner that informs and educates them on the organization.
  • Provided ongoing media training to the management team.
  • Ensured management and staff had the skills and confidence to deliver appropriate messages during interviews with the media.
  • Directed market research activities in order to keep abreast of changing demographics and other relevant issues in order to evaluate marketing and communication activities and to monitor emerging issues.
  • Managed all marketing operations from in-house printing to in-house web design and digital marketing.
  • Kept abreast of all trends within both the marketing and real estate industries.


I am currently open to exploring roles that are Full-Time, Freelance and/or ongoing Consultant Positions...