Instagram Ads: How to Target Competitor Audiences

Want to improve your Instagram ad targeting? Wondering how to get Instagram ads in front of a competitor’s audience? In this article, you’ll learn how to research and target competitors’ audiences in your next Instagram ad campaign. #1: How to Research Competitors’ Instagram Ads Audience Targeting Before you begin building Instagram ads audiences, take some […]

The Top 5 Soft Skills SEOs Should Develop

The author’s views are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. When it comes to SEO, especially technical SEO, we often talk about the importance of hard skills. And while there’s no doubt that vlookup and regex can be your best friends, […]

9 Ways to Boost Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking

According to a study by Hubspot, 75% of people who use the internet do not go past the first page of search engine results. This means that if your business’s website is not on the first page, you are missing out on a lot of organic leads. Fortunately, there are things you can do to […]

Want to Prove Content’s Success? Stop Measuring It

What are you trying to measure? What does success look like? Too often the answers to those questions have no relation to each other. One of my favorite books about data and measurement is The Haystack Syndrome by Eli Goldratt. It’s almost 30 years old, but it’s more relevant than ever. He proposes a method […]

Why the answer to rising customer expectations lies in the email inbox

It’s now clear that the dramatic shift to online brought about by the pandemic is here to stay. Even as ecommerce drops back to pre-pandemic levels, many are sticking with online – making appointment bookings, shopping click-and-collect – as they’re enjoying the ease and convenience it offers. Greater investment in digital transformation has rendered the […]

A Resource for Avoiding It

In 2018, YouTuber Elle Mills posted a video detailing how burnout had impacted her ability to share content with her millions of YouTube subscribers. Since then, it’s become common to see videos, tweets, and posts announcing a break due to burnout. Burnout is quite severe — 61 percent of creators are facing burnout, according to […]

5 Psychological Insights to Improve Your Content Marketing

Marketers have used psychology to influence the behavior of customers for years – often with great success. Being aware of psychological principles is helpful whether you’re building a website, composing a tweet, or writing a blog post. Psychology indicates what colors are most likely to draw the attention of prospects or how long someone is […]

Boost your ecommerce strategy with these 10 affiliate marketing tips

Affiliate marketing has been growing in popularity over the past few years. For 20% of marketers, affiliate marketing is now their most important stream of revenue.  So if you’ve got no idea what affiliate marketing is, it’s time to brush up on your knowledge, as you’re sure to be missing out on valuable additional sales! […]