5 Ways Marketing Operations is Changing

In these changing times, global marketing executives are looking for ways to navigate uncertainty and strengthen their connection with customers. Here we look at how marketing organizations are pivoting their operations to understand their marketplace better and quickly respond to changing customer needs. 1: Efficient marketing is paramount to survival

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Four common SEO problems with Shopify and how to fix them

[ad_1] 30-second summary: While Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for ecommerce businesses, the CMS has a number of issues that can be problematic for SEO Best SEO practices generally apply to all CMS platforms, but Shopify has several in-built features that cannot be customized, meaning some items

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I am currently open to exploring roles that are Full-Time, Freelance and/or ongoing Consultant Positions...

While I am considering Full-Time In-House opportunities, I’m usually not on the market for long!


Are you seeking a
seriously talented
marketing professional?

I am open to both full-time and freelance remote opportunities. If you feel that my skill matches the qualities you seek in a candidate, schedule an interview with me.

I am currently entertaining offers, so if you’d like to conduct an interview please use the button below.