Overqualified Candidate?

“Hiring overqualified candidates can help you achieve much higher productivity, grow, and achieve opportunities that you may not even be thinking about pursuing right now.” There are other less obvious benefits too: these employees can mentor others, challenge peers to exceed current expectations, and bring in areas of expertise that

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37 Free and Creative July Marketing Ideas (With Examples)

July: It’s the seventh month of the year (fifth in the Roman calendar), rhymes with reply, should rhyme with truly, has a whopping 31 days—all great marketing opps for your business! Just joshin. That’d be sad. But July is filled with many opportunities for creative marketing—it’s National Anti-Boredom Month, Independent

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10 Strategies to Unearth Amazing Content Ideas

Most content entrepreneurs and content marketers fail at developing ideas for their content because they fail to plan. If you are at a point where you are sitting in front of the computer waiting for inspiration to strike, you’re doing it wrong. There is no one right way to develop

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Using SEO data analytics to identify business gaps

30-second summary: Are your leads slipping through the cracks in these business gaps? SEOs have a great vantage point in the form of data that actively helps identify business opportunities and gaps SEO pioneer, serial entrepreneur, and best selling author, Kris Jones identifies three critical aspects that can be fixed

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7 Referral Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales in 2021

It’s hard to beat the effectiveness of a happy customer referring you to a colleague, friend, or family member. Think about it: When a customer refers you to someone in their network, it tells you that you’re offering products that work so well, customers are compelled to share your brand

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How to Prepare for Page Experience and Core Web Vitals

  A summary of everything you need to know about the page experience signal and Core Web Vitals before rollout in May 2021. The approaching page experience update places a greater emphasis on user experience in search rankings. Google has set a rollout date of May 2021, which means website

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Getting More From Your Business With Less

Prior to the COVID pandemic, I had been working with the leadership team of a mid-sized tech company that was doing $20 million per year with 50 employees. The integrator made some unexpected and positive discoveries during COVID that made the company leaner, stronger, and more profitable. Making Smart Moves

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Eight platforms helping small businesses in digital transformation

30-second summary: Faced with global pandemic-triggered lockdowns, millions of businesses had to move their operations online Creating this “digital transformation” marketing strategy consists of multiple steps and tasks most small business owners have no time or budget to manage Luckily, multiple new and existing platforms have been coming up with

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I am currently open to exploring roles that are Full-Time, Freelance and/or ongoing Consultant Positions...

While I am considering Full-Time In-House opportunities, I’m usually not on the market for long!


Are you seeking a
seriously talented
marketing professional?

I am open to both full-time and freelance remote opportunities. If you feel that my skill matches the qualities you seek in a candidate, schedule an interview with me.