Position(s) Held:

Web Development Lead | Digital Marketing Team


Allstate Insurance




April 1999- July 2004

Reasons for Leaving:

Opportunity to scale my career.

Role Summary

The primary function of this role was to understand and interpret brand, user, and business needs to successfully develop innovative, creative, and results oriented digital solutions. I managed critical projects such as my very first project back in 1999 which was to build Allstate Insurance’s very first web presence that allowed a customer self-serve options in obtaining and managing insurance projects. I worked on all aspects of this project from wire-frames, code, graphic design, implementation, and launch

Skills Used

Radio Advertising



Event Based Marketing

Commercial Advertising

Website Development


Partnership Marketting



Team Building

Sales Goals

Inventory Based Marketing

Pipeline Strategy

Community Building

Analytical Data

Email Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Mobile Marketing


Assisted management in business planning, operational processes and internal program implementation.

Created weekly reports based on website analytics such as user engagement and traffic.

Introduced campaign creation, analysis and optimization of direct marketing campaigns, including Facebook, Bing and Yahoo platforms.

Built a series of compelling speeches, videos, presentations and emails as part of communications, effectively streamlining departmental work at all levels of marketing and communications.

Role Functions

  • Designed and created an intranet of web sites powered by a very large and complex database that was designed to house Allstate’s rates and premiums along with end-user information, and rating calculations derived by actuaries.
  • Analyzed end-user needs to implement web site content, graphics, performance, and capacity.
  • Integrated web sites with other computer applications.
  • Wrote world class HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Converted written, graphic, audio, and video components to compatible web formats by using software designed to facilitate the creation of web and multimedia content.
  • Liaise with the Product Manager to ensure that all technical possibilities are explored and that products achieve the best possible look, feel and functionality.
  • Worked collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams to deliver project requirements.


I am currently open to exploring roles that are Full-Time, Freelance and/or ongoing Consultant Positions...